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417785_10151368741030334_410931320_nThey need us. We need you. Volunteer.

The shelter’s doors have remained open for a century due to the financial contributions and efforts of the residents of Worcester County. We can’t thank our volunteers enough for all they do. Chris and Kittens

Animals are in WARL 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. The animals are fed twice a day or more. Their cages/kennels are cleaned at least once a day. Medication and treatment are given to sick and ill animals as prescribed. In short every animal’s needs are met whenever that animal needs us. WARL’s dedicated employees come to the shelter during blizzards, work by candlelight and flashlight during power outages, return on their own time to treat a sick animal or meet a policeman with a stray dog at 2:00 in the morning.

Volunteers and employees come to a shelter because they love animals. They want to be with them, play with them and cuddle them, because it’s fun and makes us happy. It’s a lot of work, most of which is cleaning up after the animals. The reality is that animals can’t feed themselves or clean up after themselves. They need people to do that. They need you.


What are your skills?

  • Do you have a marketing background? Join our fundraising efforts.
  • Are you good at public speaking?
  • Are you handy? There are always construction projects around the shelter.
  • Do you have computer hardware or software skills?

Do you have another skill that you’d like to share? Fill out and submit an email to tell us how you can help us at the shelter. Email

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Interested in caring for shelter animals in your own home?

Join the Foster Program

The foster program is an extraordinary way for individuals and families to help animals. Foster parents provide love, care and attention to animals that need the comfort of a home for a variety of reasons. Click here to learn all about our Foster Program and how you can help!