Privacy is Important to us.

Privacy is important to us, and to the safety of our animals. Among other circumstances to be determined at our discretion, it is the policy of the Worcester Animal Rescue League not to release any of the following information:

Employees & Volunteers:
Salary or wages, if any
Personal information not otherwise publicly available

Personal information not otherwise publicly available
Amounts and/or types of gifts
Exception: Information may be released if authorized by the donor and approved by the WARL Executive Director and as outlined below:

The Worcester Animal Rescue League receives no local, state or federal tax support. We are able to provide our programs and services thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations. Because we rely on donations, we will offer you the opportunity to contribute to our mission of caring for animals whenever you voluntarily submit your name, postal and/or e-mail address or phone numbers. Examples of voluntarily submitting information include (but are not limited to) making a donation and applying to adopt, volunteer or foster.

How we will use your information:
We will use your name, address, email address and/or phone number in order to:

  • Send information to you, such as newsletters regarding activities of WARL
  • Request donations of you and to acknowledge donations made by you in honor of others
  • Keep a record of your donations made to the organization in accordance with established accounting procedures

Personal information is stored in a secure database which is accessible only to authorized personnel of WARL. Name and address information is released to third-party vendors such as mail houses preparing letters on behalf of WARL; this information is destroyed by these vendors after use.

The Worcester Animal Rescue League will not sell, trade or share donors’ personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

Clients (individuals who request and/or receive WARL services):
Personal information not otherwise publicly available

Pricing, discounts, payment histories, contract information
Exception: This is not meant to prohibit WARL from using vendor pricing during pricing or service negotiations.

Information regarding animals that are not available for adoption
Specific circumstances regarding the surrender of an animal
The disposition of any animals including transferred, adopted or euthanized

Exception: Information about animals, their circumstances, and dispositions may be shared when in the best interest of WARL or the animal, as determined by the Executive Director.

Legal matters the organization may be involved in
Certain operational and business procedures as determined by the Executive Director