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Worcester Animal Rescue League

Since 1912. Dedicated to Giving Animals the Life They Deserve.

Founded initially by a group of women determined to save overworked and abused farm horses, WARL’s services have expanded and changed to protect, care, and love our cats and dogs throughout Central Massachusetts. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated champions to this cause and act as caretakers for the animals and educators to their human counterparts. Without your support, however, nothing we do would be possible. WARL is a non-profit organization and your donations of money, time, supplies, homes, and love are vital to our cause and the lives of the animals in our care. Our sincerest thanks.


We Love Animals

how we help animals

Adoption. Low-Cost Community Clinics. Lost and Found. Pet Food Pantry.

We offer high-quality services for the neediest animals in Central Massachusetts.


Helping animals find
their homes.


Dog boarding you
can rely on.

Medical Services

Low cost vaccines, spaying,
neutering, and more.

Featured Pet

Patrick Subaru dog of the month

We are SO excited to share our monthly partnership with our friends at Patrick Subaru. Each month they will welcome an adoptable dog in their showroom in order to help find some great and loving homes for our amazing animals.

Princess- Dog of the Month


July 2022 Patrick Subaru Dog of the Month

This adorable, little monkey is George! George is a one-year old cutie pie with quite the zest for life. How did he get the name George, you ask? This fun loving guy is as curious as they come!

Kennel life has been stressful for George but this smart cookie cozied up to the boss, quickly becoming BFF’s with our Executive Director, Kristin. George’s days are now spent hanging in her office listening to country music (Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion, and Zac Brown are his favorites), making guest appearances on zoom meetings, snoopervising parking lot antics from her window, sharing pet safe lunches and snacks, and being told he’s a good boy about 1,000 times a day (so don’t blame us if he has a bit of an ego). Seriously, since becoming Kristin’s office mate, we have learned a lot about him and he’s made significant progress from the scared pup who arrived as a local stray.

Animals Adopted in 2021

Community Pets Spayed & Neutered in 2021

Necessary Medical Treatments Provided in 2021

Lost Pets Returned to Their Owners in 2021

Animals Adopted in 2021

Necessary Medical Treatments Provided in 2021

Community Pets Spayed & Neutered in 2021

Lost Pets Returned to Their Owners in 2021

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We rely on the generosity of our donors. Any amount can make a huge impact for the animals.

Give Supplies

At WARL, we are always in the need of supplies. This is an easy way to make a big difference.

Work at WARL

Are you a skilled animal care provider or want to learn? Check our open positions to see if a career at WARL would be good for you.

Dog With Cat


We thrive with the help of our volunteers. If you’d like to volunteer, reach out now!

Foster Animals

Want to help foster animals until they find their forever home? Contact us today to see how you can help.


At WARL, we believe every animal deserves a chance. If you are looking to adopt, we will find the perfect pet for you.


Every animal deserves a chance. At WARL, we provide the chance for every animal to find a loving family.





Looking for a way to help the animals? We offer numerous ways for you to make a huge impact for WARL & the animals.


Here at WARL, we are committed to providing the highest quality animal services to you. 


We've been around for over 110 years providing the best in animal care.