Senior for Senior Program

As part of our Senior for Senior Program, WARL is delighted to offer a waived adoption fee for older pets (over 10-years-old) to a senior citizen. In most shelters. older animals are usually overlooked by people searching for a new pet. The haste to walk by an older animal is a senior’s gain because older pets have so much to offer.

  1. What you see is what you get: Older animals are open books. You’ll see immediately how big the animal will be, its temperament and its grooming requirements.
  2. Easy to train: You can actually teach an old animal new tricks. Older animals have years of experience reading humans. They quickly figure out how to do what you’re asking.
  3. Older pets are very loving: The emails and letters we receive from seniors with senior pets contain beautiful stories of the love and companionship these older pets give, because they are grateful for the quiet lives they’ve been given. It’s instant devotion on both sides.
  4. They settle in quickly: Older animals have been around the block a few times and already learned what it takes to get along with people. They bond quickly and the feeling is generally mutual.
  5. Fewer Messes: Older animals are usually house-broken. If for some reason they’re not, they have the physical and mental abilities to understand quickly (unlike younger animals) what you require of them. Older animals also are much less likely to be destructive.
  6. They enjoy easy living: Every animal needs exercise and mental stimulation, but with an older animal you’re getting a couch potato rather than a younger animal that might run you ragged.