Breed: Terrier, Mix, American Pit Bull, Brindle

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Color: Brindle

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Declawed: No

Adoption Price: $225

Snuggly and silly, Wilson is a real pup at heart. At six and a half years old Wilson still enjoys chasing after squeaky toys and making you laugh. Putting a smile on your face is Wilson’s top priority. Watching him stretch out frog leg style, roll on his back in his dog bed or race full speed in the yard will definitely brighten your day. Wilson has a smile that is contagious. With that said, you do need to earn his affection. Wilson has lived in at least three homes in his lifetime. We first met Wilson when he was just six months old. He has always had an enthusiastic zest for life mixed with a tentative yet playful approach to unfamiliar dogs and people. As he has grown up Wilson’s enjoyment for playing with other dogs has diminished and he is looking for a home without other animals. In his younger years Wilson also had a tendency to use his mouth during play when over excited. He displays this behavior less now and prefers to give big sloppy kisses. Occasionally when very comfortable with someone he will bring out this old standby move and still use his mouth a bit. Another behavior that Wilson has retained from his younger years is his ability to share his thoughts with you through facial expressions. When he is in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation, Wilson will look to those he knows well, close his mouth, pull his ears back, widen his eyes and raise one eyebrow at a time looking to a familiar face for direction. As you can see, Wilson has many layers to his personality. Intelligent, playful and shy makes this boy truly one of a kind. His love and devotion to those who know him well is the best reward anyone could offer. Wilson is looking for a home without children and needs to have a fenced yard. Leash walks are at times still a challenge for him. He very much prefers to run. A stockade fence would be ideal, as Wilson enjoys his privacy. On nice sunny cool days, he likes to lay in the grass in a quiet spot and sniff at the air. Wilson really knows how to live in the moment and can transition from outdoor adventure sidekick to indoor couch potato in an instant. All of our dogs are available by appointment. Please contact dogs@worcesterarl.org to find out more about Wilson. You may also click the link below to fill out an inquiry form.

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