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Astrid & Lily

Age: 3 and 4 yrs old

Gender: Females

Size: Medium

Color: Grey

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Adoption Price: $290

Meet Astrid & Lily! This sweet pair of sisters have been through so much. They have been in and out of the shelter too many times. They have been adopted out, returned, fostered, and returned a number of times. They are in search of their FOREVER home. Lily was found to have a defect that is likely a birth defect but also could have been caused by trauma. We will never know. This defect causes Lily to have severe asthma and a heart murmur. Lily is on a medication regimen to keep her wheezing and breathing difficulties at a minimum given her condition. Astrid is believed to have a form of FHV, and because of this she gets a congested leaky right eye every so often. Both of the symptoms in these girls skyrocket under stress. Astrid and Lily do not mind other cats, however we dog tested them and they are not comfortable. They will need to be in a home without dogs or young children, and preferably with someone who has experience giving medication to cats. To learn even more about these beautiful girls, please fill out the inquiry form below to request more information.
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