Dogs Ready for Adoption

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Our friends at Baypath Humane Society have two senior dogs who need (separate) homes!  Meet Gretta and Spencer! Gretta and Spencer came in separately and do not need to be adopted together. But because of their age and their size, they’re getting looked over – this happens at all shelters. The animal shelter network is a tight-knit one and we support each other – after all, we’re all in this together! Watch their videos: Gretta’s Video & Spencer’s Video

If you’re interested in Gretta or Spencer, contact Baypath Humane Society at

What kinds of dogs do you have?

Dogs are individuals and only a small percentage of their genetics dictate their physical appearance. At WARL, we do our best to identify what breed we believe they resemble the most, however, unless an animal is surrendered with a pedigree, identifying the breed is the tip of the ice berg.

Check out the All Dogs Are Individuals Infographic by Animal Farm Foundation