Since our founding in 1912, the Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL) has been dedicated to the care of the animals who provide so much for their human companions.

Founded initially by a group of women determined to save overworked and abused farm horses, WARL’s services have expanded and changed to protect, care, and love our cats and dogs throughout Central Massachusetts. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated champions to this cause and act as caretakers for the animals and educators to their human counterparts. We also work with foster homes, rescue groups, and other shelters nationwide to place animals in the best possible environment.

Without your support, however, nothing we do would be possible. WARL is a non-profit organization and your donations of money, time, supplies, homes, and love are vital to our cause and the lives of the animals in our care. Our sincerest thanks.

zucchiniMeet Zucchini: Zucchini is nearly a year old, very rambunctious and too smart for his own good. He was probably an only kitten or taken from his mom and siblings too young. Without them teaching him how to play properly, Zucchini uses his mouth and claws when he gets excited. It will help him a lot to live with older cats who will teach him manners and to go outside where he can drain off his abundant energy. Indoor life is boring and frustrating for this exuberant boy. Zucchini is a work-in-progress, but when we watch him playing or trying to open a cage, we see a young cat who needs a helping hand. Just don’t use your hands when you play with him, use wands, kick-a-roos and interactive toys.


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In the news: Worcester Animal Rescue League program enlists runners to help exercise high-energy dogsWorcester Telegram & Gazette, 5/2015 Bonnie

Miranda Lambert donates to WARL – Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 4/2015 AR-304159610





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A Friend’s Gift: A dear friend of the shelter, who would like to remain anonymous, has offered to help cover the adoption fees for the dogs who have resided at WARL the longest. Read More: