Ariel: 2017 Mascot

Ariel was bestowed the honor of becoming WARL’s First Mascot-of-the-Year at the 5th annual Wagtime Gala. Her parents, Roger and Susan, won the highest bid during this popular live auction item. 

Ariel loves life, her WARL family, and has a special talent for flying through the air. She arrived at WARL as a puppy transported from Mississippi just before Christmas 2016, and immediately stole the hearts of her sister dog (also a WARL rescue) and her human parents.  Her Mom gushes that she’s “the dog everybody dreams about having in their family,” and her sweet personality coupled with her intelligence delights them daily.  Although described as quiet, she has a zest for activities that includes running through the yard, chasing squirrels, scaring bears, and is able to fly through the air to catch her most prized toys, a large collection of tennis balls. She seems to love everything about life, from the people she meets to the adventures she takes with her family.

Ariel is excited to be WARL’s mascot this year and hopes that all her four-legged friends find the same love and happiness in the year to come. We all look forward to watching her grow and keep sharing and spreading the WARL love. We thank them for providing Ariel with so much love and for their ongoing generosity and support of WARL. Stay tuned to follow more of Ariel’s adventures. We are excited to share with you a fabulous (and delicious) experience Ariel recently participated in that will surely make you drool!

Some perks of this new celebrity status include:

  • A professional photo-shoot with Sheri Bready Pet Photography
  • Featured on event flyers, shelter signage, graphics, apparel, and more
  • The “face” of that years Bow Wow Luau
  • The “face” of the Wagtime gala for the following year.
  • Exposure on WARL’s social media outlets and website
  • Giving paw-tographs and posing for photos
  • Cameos at upcoming events
  • The owner receives bragging rights for life!
  • Her own album on our Facebook Page

Ariel’s Story: 

Ariel in Mississippi

The week before Christmas 2016, a WARL volunteer named Roger helped care for puppies who arrived to WARL from Mississippi. Ariel was one of those puppies (Roger still has a picture of her from that day that he eagerly shares with everybody). He fell in love with her sweet, quiet and very intelligent personality. Roger and his wife, Susan, finalized the adoption paperwork and brought her home on December 23. Ariel shared her new home with Katerina, a beautiful Doberman that was also a WARL rescue. Katerina fell in love with Ariel instantly. The two sisters had a great year together before Katerina passed away from bone cancer. Ariel, as well as her “parents”, are adjusting without her sister.

Ariel’s Personality:

Ariel is the dog that everybody dreams about having in their family.  She is sweet, loving, funny, cuddly, and very intelligent. She is learning to be well behaved, but being spoiled sometimes interferes with her success. The best thing about our little Mississippi, southern girl is her love for the winter and the snow. She lives for it, but is now getting used to this warmer weather. She is a real tomboy and loves to run in the yard, chase a ball, and investigate the world.  She can tree a squirrel, has scared a bear out of the yard, and luckily hasn’t met a skunk yet. Ariel loves people and is learning not to jump up when she meets people. She LOVES other dogs and wants to meet everyone she sees. She loves to ride in the car, go for walks on the rail trail, and visit new places.  

Ariel’s Favorite Toy: 

Her favorite toys are her tennis balls. We discovered 15 at the end of winter that had been buried and hidden in the snow. She can FLY through the air to catch them, loves to bury them in the snow, and flush them out from hiding. She is fussy about which one she wants at any particular moment.

Photo credit: Sheri Bready Pet Photography