The Mascot-of-the-Year


Mumma was bestowed the honor of becoming WARL’s  Mascot-of-the-Year at the 6th annual Wagtime Gala. Her mom, Melissa, won the highest bid during this popular live auction

Mumma’s Story: 

February 2017: An Animal Control Officer in Holden was driving by a large snowbank after a snowstorm and saw something out of place. Upon investigation, he found 5 French Angora Rabbits huddled together trying to survive. The officer brought them to the Worcester Animal Rescue League where staff immediately cared for them. It was unknown how long the rabbits were left to fend for themselves in the brutal New England weather.  We named them Eggplant, Lentil, Apricot, Rutabaga and Portabella. 





Mumma’s Personality:

Mumma is living the life she deserves. Her once matted coat is now a stunning smoke gray and as soft as it is beautiful. Mumma enjoys being pampered with love and attention. She loves to eat and spinach, kale, and lettuce are her favorites. Mumma is a playful bunny and chewing is her favorite past time. 

Mumma is the second WARL Mascot, and the first rabbit! It’s an honor to feature Mumma. We are looking forward to hopping through the year with her!


Photo credit: Sheri Bready Pet Photography





2017 Mascot: Ariel