The Summer of Cockatiels

38 Cockatiels were brought in on July 10. They have all been seen by a veterinarian on July 11. Most are thin and dirty, most have patches missing feathers. A small handful have wounds that will require medication. All need vitamins, a good consistent diet, and handling. The veterinarian recommends the birds be monitored for the next week prior to adoption. Follow their story on our Facebook page where we’ll post updated pictures and videos.

We are looking for either foster homes or potential adopters to foster them for the next week (or longer for some). Once they are cleared, we can complete the adoption paperwork. Their adoption fee is $25 per bird and we are asking for them to be adopted out in pairs, trios, or more (within reason!). It is difficult to know the ages and genders of most of the birds, so owners must be on the look out for eggs.

The homes must:

  • Have bird experience
  • Be able to take 2+ birds
  • Keep them isolated from other birds in your home for at least 1 month
  • Provide them with vitamins, medication, or whatever specific needs they may have
  • Monitor them for any abnormalities like sneezing and congestion (upper respiratory infections), increase in balding/plucking, lethargy, etc.
  • Be comfortable handling birds who are not well-socialized. This group did not have much human interaction.
  • Homes must not breed these birds. It’s safe to assume most of these birds are related, which will result in unhealthy birds. Do not provide them with a nesting box, nest, etc, and should eggs appear, they should be disposed of.

We may be able to provide seed, toys, supplies, and cages should we have enough. Here’s a helpful link about cage sizes:

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting, email Holly at

Can’t house them, but want to help? Here’s what we need:

We currently have enough seed and toys.

Thank you again for your help!