Spay & Neuter Clinics

Almost every week WARL has low-cost spay & neuter clinics for animals under 4 years of age. Space is limited and the clinics are popular, so call quickly to book the next available date for your pet. The fees are:

Female Dog: $215  Male Dog: $150
 Female Cat: $90  Male Cat: $75

Blood tests and vaccines can be provided on the same day at additional cost.

  • FeLV / FIV Test for Cats: $35
  • Heartworm Test: $25
  • Hernia Repair: $55
  • Cryptorchid (testicle that hasn’t descended): $55; bilateral (both) $75
  • Deciduous (Baby) Tooth Removal: $35 per tooth
  • Vaccines: $15
  • Microchip: $35

A $10 deposit is required to schedule an appointment. Credit Card information can be taken over the phone at the time of scheduling the appointment, or you can stop in with the deposit and make the appointment in person.

Deposits can also be taken by clicking the button below. Once completed, contact us to schedule an appointment, 508-853-0030.

Appointment Request
Weight of Pet
Owner’s Phone Number

The remainder due is expected by cash or credit card at the time of drop off. A confirmation call will be made a few days before the scheduled appointment. If we leave a message, please call us back to confirm the surgery date and pre-surgery instructions.

The day of surgery, you’ll drop the pet off at 8:30 am and pick him/her up at 4 pm. Dogs must be leashed, and cats must be in a carrier.

The Worcester Animal Rescue League reserve the right to deny surgery on any pet.

Spay chart