Age: 7 Years

Gender: Male

Size: Small, Medium

Color: Black, White

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Adoption Price: $145

Meet Robin!
Robin came to WARL from a tough situation. Robin is what we would call a Spirit Cat. He is not your typical Spirit Cat that you won’t see or hear much. Robin will make himself known to you and can be very vocal around meal times. When it comes to handling, petting, and interacting with him, Robin can be very nervous. If he gets a sense you are going to pick him up, he will bolt to hide. If you go to pat Robin when he is not expecting it, he will bolt to hide. If you walk too fast or in a weird way, he will bolt to hide. Robin is looking for a quiet home, where he can relax and acclimate on his own time. He needs an adopter who will understand his Spirit Cat Quirks and give him the time he needs. Robin lived with other cats in his previous home, and has not shown signs of discomfort being around other cats here. With a proper introduction and isolation period, Robin could very likely do well in a house with other felines. No dogs. Robin is not a cat that you can sit in a visitation room with to get to know. If you are interested in learning more about Robin, fill out the inquiry form below!

Want to Adopt Robin?
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