Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Size: Small

Color: Brown

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Adoption Price: $20

Meet Cooper!
Cooper was brought to WARL with a few guinea pigs and some other rabbits. Cooper is a fairly social rabbit, who would do well in a home with other pets after a proper acclimation period. His trust with humans is very limited, and he is looking for someone who will take the proper steps to socialize him. Cooper is doing well in the shelter environment given his shyness. He will quickly warm up to the right person, and make a great companion. He gets nervous with handling, and also when people get too close to his personal bubble. Cooper will highly benefit from being fully free roam after he adjusts to the environment. Cages really scare him, even if it was just for night time. He does use his litter box very well. If you are interested in meeting and learning more about Cooper, fill out the inquiry form below to request an appointment!

Want to Adopt Cooper?
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