Age: 2 yrs. old

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Declawed: No

Adoption Price: $145

Meet Cookie! Cookie is a completely feral cat, who was brought to us from a veterinary hospital. She was suspected to have been hit by a car, and was picked up by a good samaritan. When Cookie started to lose the shock/sedation from the hospital and come to, she realized she was not outside anymore and completely freaked out. This is when we first suspected she was completely feral. Each day she spent in the shelter after this proved our suspicion to be true. It was too cold to put her back where she came from, and after her accident she will not do well as a street cat. Cookie is looking for a home WITH FERAL CAT EXPERIENCE. This is very important to understand, as Cookie will never be a lap cat. She will never be the cat you will be able to pat and hold. You may never even see Cookie for multiple years in your home until she becomes more comfortable in her environment. The only way you would know she is there, is when you see the food bowls empty and the litter box used. She would do extremely well as a mouser in a finished/semi-finished basement. Cookie would not benefit from a barn situation given the current weather, unless your barn is fully indoors and fully heated with a separate room/loft for her to acclimate. If the barn is outdoors she may wonder off the property, and not able to fend for herself outside. If you are looking to help this special kitty and have dealt with feral cats before, fill out the inquiry form below!

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