Breed: Terrier, Mix, American Pit Bull

Age: 5

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Color: Tan

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Declawed: No

Adoption Price: $225

Buddy is a young dog with an old soul. There are so many great rewards associated with being part of a dog’s life. A soulful glance associated with that special bond. A fuzzy paw on your arm when you need someone to listen. A wet nose and a smooth tongue letting you know that you are loved. The play bow and happy face accompanied by a little tap dance when you return from anywhere. These are all things that Buddy does. These are the ways Buddy expresses his affection. He behaved this way in his previous home and continues to behave this way at the shelter. Dogs who are between homes, are in transition and who find themselves in a shelter don’t understand why they are here. Each animal’s individual personality and preferences determines the way they will adjust to this period in their lives. At five years old Buddy was quite comfortable in his previous home. There were no other pets and he was the center of attention. He had a yard to himself and daily walks. He was free to play when he wanted to and nap when it suited him. Here at the shelter Buddy still goes for daily walks and enjoys time outside. He has bonded deeply with staff that he sees on a regular basis. Buddy doesn’t give his love away for free. He wants to be sure that you will be there for him the way he promises to be there for you. The way to his heart is definitely food, daily walks and quiet companionship.  The difference in a shelter versus a home setting is that with multiple animals to care for in a shelter setting, each animal rarely gets to experience all of the exact comforts that a home environment affords them. Buddy is both crate and housetrained. Therefore, he can be left in an office crated or loose. However, this comfort is divided among other dogs in our care. This means that Buddy must often return to the kennel. Buddy is uncomfortable with other dogs. Some dogs adjust well and bark excitedly during dinner time or throughout the day. This disruption to Buddy’s Zen time really cuts into his ability to relax fully on certain days. At night Buddy falls asleep dreaming of finding someone whose life is incomplete without a dog like him. Buddy’s idea of heaven is a home with adults, no pets, a large yard with lots of toys and a stockade fence where he will have his pick of sunny or shady spots depending on what suits him in the moment.  Please contact Liz at dogs@worcesterarl.org to find out more about Buddy. You may also click the link below to fill out an inquiry form.

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