Josie’s Monthly Giving Program

“If I’m not perfect, and Josie’s not perfect, how come we make a perfect pair?” -Arthur


Arthur met his best friend, Josie, at WARL on November 19, 2010, inspiring him to give a reoccurring monthly gift. And as animal lovers like Arthur know, the costs of caring for our beloved friends are ongoing: food, medicine, heat to keep them warm. Monthly donors ensure that the animals will be cared for – month after month. Through your support, you help provide what’s needed to match the next perfect pair.

“The other day I was introduced as Josie’s master. I thought about it for a while, and I don’t think that’s accurate. We’re not dog and master. We’re a team, partners. When someone sees us on one of the many trails we walk, what they really see is just two friends taking a walk.”

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