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        All of the Everard Street cats have been adopted!

Everard St (2)On November 2nd, 28 cats arrived to WARL after their owner was evicted. The cats were in fair health considering the conditions they were found in. Some cats were urine soaked, matted, and all were overwhelmed by what their day entailed. Before they were ready for adoption, they needed a clean bill of health, spayed/neutered, and comfortable being with people.

Everard St (4)The cats look like Birmans, which is a long-haired Siamese/Persian breed. There are also several long-haired tigers and one long-haired black cat. Due to poor care and lack of good nutrition, the cats are thin and small framed, they are stained from their own urine and feces, and some have dental decay. None had been spayed/neutered.

The cats’ emotional needs required time. The cats weren’t handled by people frequently enough. They are scared and overwhelmed, so we put them into our foster homes where they were shown what life is like for a house cat – plenty of food and fresh water, clean litter boxes, freedom to move around, toys and lots of tender loving care.

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Updates from the foster homes:

Hanley: When we brought him to our home on November 7th, he couldn’t make himself smallHanley enough and he wanted to disappear into the  wall.  We didn’t try to touch him. He was so scared of everything. We put his litter box and food dish about three feet away from him and he only went to them when we left the room. Three days later, he was using more space in the room and found his way to the chair. We moved his food and litter box about 10 feet away. He watched us play with his toys but he didn’t want to join in. He began to groom himself but would growl and hiss if we tried to pet or comb his fur. We started using treat rewards when he let us touch him. He is playing with feather toys and laser lights. He has explored every inch of the room and does not seem to mind having visitors sit near him. Just don’t touch him. We tried touching his head while he ate treats and that worked until his mouth was empty. Then we gave another treat so we could pet some more. Eventually he caught on and hissed and swatted at me. He climbs the 5 1/2 foot cat tree and sits on the throne. At night he runs around the room and jumps from the furniture.  Seems to be very relaxed and comfortable but we have not found a way to touch him. He plays and climbs now and is not afraid of people who hang out in the room with him.  He is a handsome cat  who is still unsure of allowing people into his personal space.

Ladonna (4)

Mollie and Ladonna: I am pleased to say that Mollie and Ladonna are doing very well.  Mollie and Ladonna arrived on Friday, November 6th and immediately hid under the bed and barely ate anything that night. Mollie is more adventurous.  She came out of hiding first and didn’t like to be touched, still runs a few steps away from us, but doesn’t really run and hide.  Mollie loves cats and I think would be happiest living with another playful cat.  I am surprised at how much Mollie and our youngest cat, Sally (a former WARL foster) get along.  Sally hides when people come to our house, but she is fascinated with Mollie and vice versa.  Mollie lets me know when sheMollie (13) wants to be patted by rubbing on stuff.  She’s still a little odd about it.  Clearly likes having her head rubbed, but will still cower away a little or run a couple of steps away if you reach for her, but once you start, she likes it. I think she learned to trust me by watching Ladonna and my cats.  The first time she let me pet her, Ladonna was being really affectionate and it seemed like Mollie started to mimic her.  Mollie will leave the room and roam the top floor of the house.  Very rarely does she go downstairs, but is welcome to.  Mollie can also be quite the talker and sometimes at 2:00 in the morning.  She also likes to sprint around every once in awhile and loves chasing a laser pointer. Ladonna makes sudden major strides.  Like on the 9th day, she came out of hiding and started rubbing on us.  And another day she decided she didn’t want to hide anymore and found happiness in the cat tree.  Ladonna surprised me again this morning by peaking her head into the bathroom at me.  I have only seen her leave the room to go in the hall a couple of times, so this brought her all the way down the hall into our bedroom.  She explored the bathroom for a while and then went back to her room.  My 3 cats and Mollie were in the bedroom too.  Early on even when hiding under the bed, she purred when I patted her head.  I’ve been able to hold her twice for a few seconds.  Ladonna seems to like people more than cats, but she’s fine living with cats.  I just think she won’t miss them if adopted alone, but I think Mollie would be lonely without a cat friend.  If any cats get in Ladonna’s face, she gives a quiet hiss.  Ladonna’s very mellow and sleeps a lot whereas Mollie explores a lot and seems more energetic.  I was playing with Mollie at the door and I started to crawl into the room to look for Ladonna to play and she was sitting around the corner watching us.  I think that was the first time I saw her come out of hiding to sit in the open.  As I’m signing off, Mollie and Sally are having races up and down the hall and Ladonna has been resting in the cat tree.  Here’s a video of Mollie playing

Edna and Wedge: At our house we have Wedge (we call her Wedgie) & Edna (we call her Edie.)Kellie They are doing very well. Wedgie spends most of her days on our bed. She loves ear scratches, chin scratches, & food! Wedgie gets along great with our kitten who is about seven months old. They chase each other around the house & love exploring paper bags together. This week Wedgie started purring for us. Edie keeps more to herself. She is an observer. She also loves ear scratches & chasing our kitten around the house when she thinks no one is watching. When we are out and about she prefers to sit/sleep near us but in a covering like a box or the cat castle we have. Edie makes sure to make her presence know when you are eating. She will come out of no where & start meowing up a storm. They have great appetites & I think they’ve been putting on some weight. Their bones are slightly less noticeable. Follow their adventures on Instagram @Worcester.kittens

Gino and Jude: Gino is a 2 year old Lynx Point and the less shy of the two. Jude is the 1 year old super shy Flame Point. Gino is almost a normal cat. He comes out from under the bed on his own, or when we reach in and get him, and happily lets us pet him. He has even started purring! Jude only comes out when we reach under the bed and take him out.  He hisses a little bit but doesn’t scratch.  Obviously, he would prefer to be left alone!  Happy to report that this morning when my daughter woke up, Jude was in the top level of a two level cat house we have in the room.  I guess he was out exploring in the night.  Every little bit is progress

Mona and Rhoda: So far so good. They are eating well and exploring their new room but are still extremely shy and having a lot of trouble trusting anyone. It breaks my heart that they went through such a horrible beginning and now can’t relax and enjoy life. I hope they will start to soon realize we are not going to hurt them and begin to become comfortable.

Mrs. Roper and kittens: The kittens are getting round and fluffy.  They love to play with small puffDSC_0153 balls and fuzzy mice and each other.  Interactive play with humans with laser pointers has been great. Mrs. Roper is starting to accept love from humans.  She went from hissing, swatting, and spitting to licking my hand, and rolling over when I scratch her head and neck.  The kittens are still very jumpy and do not approach us readily, however we still hold and pet them and they enjoy it when we do.  Compared to other foster cats we’ve had in the past, you can tell these ones have gone through a great deal, so we’re taking it nice and slow and showing them it’s OK to trust people.

Hannah and Skylar: For most of the week, they only came out at night. During the day, they stayedOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA hidden either under my desk or bookcase. I keep small trays of food and water for each of them under both. In the days since, Skylar was the first to venture out. She will walk past me or sit and stare but not stay out for long. She does not get too close and growls if I do. Hannah spent most of her time too scared to come out while I was in the room until recently when she let me pet her. She now comes out frequently for pats. Hannah is becoming more and more social and continues to blossom. I am very concerned for Skylar though but I have seen her playing with the toys I have left for them when I am not in the room. I think she just needs more time to adjust to being around people.