Children lending a paw

We recognize children have an endless amount of compassion and potential when it comes to working with animals! We are working on more programs so children under 18 can have more opportunities to help at WARL. However our current insurance policy states that volunteers have to be 18 or older to volunteer directly with animals. Children 16 and older must have a parent/guardian with them and are not allowed to directly work with the animals until they are 18.

One way to help:

“Story Time with Furry Friends”: Children sit outside of an adoptable animal’s kennel and read aloud to the animal. This program provides valuable enrichment to the animal by building their confidence and exposure to children, while helping the children with reading and public speaking skills. The WARL Volunteer Coordinator, Ellen, would be responsible for scheduling the time and selecting the animal. Parents/Guardians need to accompany the child during the reading program. Both reader and guardian submit volunteer applications first.

Other ways children can help the shelter with out physically being here….

  • Host a lemonade stand or other fundraiser
  • Request donations for the shelter in lieu of holiday/birthday (Top items listed in our wish list);
  • Set up a donation drive through their school/club
  • Like us on Facebook and share our posts
  • Support us by attending one of our events
Den Pack 44 of Northborough brings in donations
Josie makes a cat toy